LFDW x Red Door Gallery A/W 2017 Presentation

LFDW x Red Door Gallery A/W 2017 Presentation

Since early February I have been working on an exhibition design for the Lagos Fashion & Design Week team's first ever autumn/winter show.

The initial idea was to create a holistic space within which each designer would inhabit a section that would best capture their collection and overall brand spirit, but as with all plans, contact with the world outside my head and that of my team broke it to pieces and stripped it for parts.

The final idea we ended up running with was individual installations for each designer that reflected either their A/W 2017 collection directly, and/or their brand more generally. The designers contributed their own ideas and props - Orire Omatsola of RĂ© made these cool wooden boards shaped like people for her installation and Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture had this large wood and paper flower wall set up for example - while I had to figure out the rest of the space, how clothing would be hung and so on and then design and build the major display fittings.

There was also a screening room where "Eko for Show" a fashion documentary shot and produced by my friend (and one-time rapper), Bolaji "Kex" Kekere-Ekun was shown at different times over the course of the exhibition.

Eight designers ended up showcasing their designs after a mad production schedule - we essentially set up everything in three days - and loads of running around.

I worked primarily with wood for the installation, with none of the clothing dressed on mannequins and most items suspended from scaffolding we built indoors. We were also able to build these cool curved ramps with sun-blind fabric and wooden frames (I still can't remember where the inspiration for that came from, but at least people seemed to like them). The only object we built that involved metal were three rectangular glass boxes with aluminum frames for Lisa Folawiyo's installation - the idea to frame her pieces was hers and I merely suggested powder coated aluminum since I figured it would be easier to make look cool than wood.

I am very glad we were able to pull it off despite the challenges. There are some ideas from the cutting room floor that I still want to explore soon and some we were able to use that I want to expand on so I am hoping that someone is crazy enough to pay for me to mess about a little bit more soon.

A huge thanks goes out to the LFDW team and my production team as well.

(Pardon the quality of the images below. I forgot to charge my camera so ended up shooting with my iPhone.)

setting up

Yegwa Ukpo

Yegwa Ukpo

Lagos, Nigeria