100 Farms Year Zero

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My major project this year is more than likely going to be setting up the pilot farm for my 100 Farms initiative.

Last year I began thinking about getting involved in agriculture. It originally started out being solely about growing food in the city of Lagos. Growing food right next to where it would be used seemed (and still does) like a no-brainer to me, especially in the current economic climate (not to mention the tomato blight that wiped out the majority of our indigenous tomato production).

The more I read various essays and articles about the next/solidarity/steady-state/post-capitalist economy however, the more the idea changed. Growing food is still a core concern of 100 Farms, but in addition to this, 100 Farms will function as an open coop, with shared ownership and a remit to generate and maintain a commons for agricultural know-how. Whether that is making a whole library of designs for greenhouses we will develop open source, recording and sharing data on crop yields & growing conditions or market research, the plan is to make 100 Farms a platform for sharing and discovering information related to farming and food in Nigeria.

Currently we have two potential sites - one in Cross River state and the other in Lagos state. I am currently working on finalising a draft business plan and doing more research on growing sustainably and organically using permaculture principles.

The project is called 100 Farms because the hope is that we can give birth to a multitude of distributed smallholder urban and rural farms throughout the country. All providing food to their immediate communities without having to set them all up ourselves.

I will post updates on here as soon as we "break ground". Till then, you can follow 100 Farms on Instagram.

Yegwa Ukpo

Yegwa Ukpo

Lagos, Nigeria