I have tried my hands at creating, publishing and blogging about comic books, running a branding and graphic design firm, blogging about and designing videogames, writing short stories and now, running a concept fashion store in Lagos.

All of these interests have had a common thread running through all of them. The belief that Nigerians and Nigerian culture has something to offer to global human culture. Something that will not only give us a place on the stage of history, but also add much needed diversity to the larger skein of human society.

To that end, I am now exploring systems thinking, biomimicry, sustainable design, solidarity economics and more with the aim to use these models to interpret Nigerian and African culture into something that will be fit to survive the rigors of the 21st century and beyond.

I am also founder of Stranger, The Dyad Network and 100 Farms and an executive director in charge of business development & strategy at TSI Holdings.

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Yegwa Ukpo

Yegwa Ukpo

Lagos, Nigeria